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Our experience at the StudyWorld fair in Munich

It is always exciting to hear about students' travel plans after graduation. Especially in personal conversations, we like to be infected by their enthusiasm and wanderlust. StudyWorld at Einstieg in Munich was a great event and also a wonderful enrichment for our team.

Even though students' exact travel plans are often still in the planning stage, the learning break after school is already set. Many plan a work & travel stay in Australia, New Zealand, Canada or Japan as a gap year. Au pair programs and volunteer work as well as studies and internships abroad are also popular. Particularly due to the restrictions of recent years, there seems to be some higher demand in youth exchange and travel programs.

Advice and presentations at StudyWorld

Due to the international orientation, CareMed fitted well into the program as a partner for worldwide stays abroad. During our presentations on the topic of "Safe Travels: well insured abroad", we had the opportunity to briefly inform travel enthusiasts about suitable protection abroad and to give some tips along the way. A particularly frequent question was whether insurance abroad was necessary at all. Here, Marvin Grabowski, who moderated the StudyWorld Lounge, was able to report from his own experience. During a study trip to the U.S., he had to experience for himself how expensive his trip could have been without appropriate health insurance. Having coverage for accidents and acute illnesses made this experience much easier for him.

How to find the applicable insurance plan?

Especially for longer trips, a standard credit card or vacation insurance is usually not enough. It is therefore always necessary to check which insurance is suitable for one's own stay. Details of an insurance policy are best checked in advance and questions clarified with the insurance provider. Some  have coverage limits or restrictions, for example, for high-risk sports.

Depending on the program and personal safety needs, other insurance policies may be useful in addition to travel health insurance. Au pairs and interns are usually required to have additional accident and liability insurance, and depending on your needs, travel cancellation insurance and baggage coverage might be interesting.

We have compiled more information on this topic for you.

Of course, we are happy to answer your questions so that the topic of foreign protection is quickly settled and there are no surprises later.

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