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CareMed work and travel insurance is especially adapted to the needs of young travelers and those young at heart. We offer a comprehensive as well as competitively priced insurance plan. This travel insurance is the right choice for your work and travel adventure, for an internship or volunteer program or if you are traveling abroad as a tourist for a longer time period. We can insure you worldwide, regardless of your home country.

All travel insurance plans by CareMed have unlimited medical coverage. You may choose coverage worldwide or worldwide excluding the USA & Canada. As we offer travel insurances there are certain limitations and exclusions for specific treatments. Detailed information is available in the applicable insurance policy which is available in different languages during the application process.

The maximum insurance period for work and travel insurance is 24 respectively 13 months depending on destination and age of the traveler. Detailed information is shown during the online application. Travel insurance should start the first day of traveling and should be active for the complete stay abroad.

Yes, your travel insurance by CareMed will be accepted for your visa application worldwide. This is applicable for all working holiday visa (for example working holiday Australia, New Zealand and Canada), F1, F2, H2B, J-1, J2 and M1 visa for entry into the USA and Schengen Visa for Europe.


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