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work and travel


work and travel insurance

Are you planning your work and travel adventure, volunteer or internship abroad? Or would you like to spend a longer time period abroad and travel? Answers to all important questions concerning work and travel insurance can be found below. We are happy to discuss further questions personally, please feel free to contact our CareMed team.

Below you will find answers on the following topics:

Work and travel insurance policy

Is our travel insurance applicable for your stay abroad?

Online application

What should I consider prior to enrolling for work and travel insurance?

Help in case of claim/emergency

How should I proceed in case I need to submit a claim? How do I receive support while abroad? Can I receive help in my mother tongue?

Guardianship for international students in the UK

You or your child will travel to the UK and will need a guardian in order to satisfy visa regulations and safeguarding policies?

Are you looking for useful information about work & travel?

Our webinar provides future backpackers helpful tips on traveling the world. Which destinations are particularly suitable for work & travel and what do you need to consider prior to departure? Join us and profit from a backpacker talking about her experiences abroad. Of course, your data is treated confidentially. Further information & free registration.

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