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COVID-19 cover

How to travel safely in times of the Coronavirus

We understand your concern with respect to the current uncertain situation. Especially in tough times reliable partners are essential to meet upcoming challenges. For more than 30 years, we've insured travelers especially in Education Travel. As insurance experts we are happy to be at your side.

Check your current policy!

Many insurance providers have limitations when it comes to the coronavirus that may have a great effect on your cover. During the last months, people have been stranded without adequate protection for their remaining stay overseas. Before leaving for your trip, we recommend checking terms and conditions thoroughly to avoid surprises later on.

  • Does your insurance plan provide unlimited medical coverage including COVID-19? Some policies have a general benefit limitation which seems to be high at first, but when it comes to medical treatment and medical repatriation these costs can easily be exceeded. It also seems common that anything related to an infection with the virus is excluded. In these times, a policy without COVID cover isn't acceptable.
  • Does this insurance automatically end in case of an epidemic/ pandemic? Policies may have exclusions in case of a declared epidemic or pandemic which doesn't serve the need of current or future travelers. Make sure it isn't mentioned under exclusions and therefore included.
  • Is this policy also valid for countries with travel warnings? Once you start traveling, there may be short-term changes in conditions and local classifications may change which cannot be foreseen. You should make sure to be insured regardless of these changes.

CareMed unlimited medical coverage, COVID-19 included

With CareMed insurance plans the virus is covered as any other illness.

Travel health insurance

If you are enrolled for CareMed insurance, you are fully protected. Medically necessary treatments in case of acute illnesses are generally insured and viral illnesses such as the coronavirus are included, of course. Therefore, treatment costs due to an infection with coronavirus are covered by CareMed. This information also applies in case of a declared pandemic. Of course, as an insured you are obliged to keep the risk as low as possible. We recommend to strictly observe the protection rules against the corona pandemic by wearing a mask and keeping physical distance, for example.

Just like routine examinations, vaccinations as a preventive measure are excluded from an international health insurance. However, should a vaccination be made at one's own expense during the trip and unexpected acute complaints arise as side effects, these would be covered by CareMed insurance.

Trip cancelation insurance

This insurance plan is taken out separately in addition to travel health insurance and covers cancelation costs if the insured person is unable to travel due to sickness, for example. If infected with the coronavirus and the doctor confirms inability to travel the costs will be reimbursed. Please note that additional costs due to travel changes or cancelation costs due to fear of traveling or restrictions at the travel destination or in the home country are not covered.

COVID-19 travel insurance when already traveling

In case you are already abroad, you may also enroll for CareMed insurance! Many travelers have been stranded due to travel restrictions, delayed or canceled flights or their insurance provider has ended the policy due to the corona crisis. We are happy to inform you that we are at your side and offer insurance protection for your remaining stay overseas. Please note that pre-existing conditions are excluded from coverage and there is a waiting period of 31 days for illnesses if you are currently without active international insurance. If your previous policy should end due to the current situation or excludes a pandemic or COVID-19, the insurer will later check on a case-by case basis whether this can be recognized as previous insurance to waive the waiting period. When you are abroad and need insurance cover read more about the applicable insurance plan.

Changes of insurance period

During these COVID times, it is quite challenging to plan and make booking for your travels. Many flights are changed and delayed to a later date, some trips may not be possible after all. We are happy to inform you that you are very flexible in booking insurance with CareMed, you don't risk to pay for insurance in case it is no longer needed.

  • Cancelation of your trip: In case you cannot travel due to travel restrictions or other reasons, you may cancel your CareMed health insurance plan free of charge. Simply write us an e-mail prior to insurance start date and we will reimburse the complete amount.
  • Unexpected extension of your stay abroad: Even if you took out CareMed insurance for the maximum expected travel period, it may be possible that you are forced to stay abroad longer or you get a chance to stay abroad. In these cases, you may request a renewal of insurance within the maximum insurance period. In order to proceed, please use your CareMed login or e-mail us if you've not created a login yet. Usually, the renewal is approved, but please be aware that a renewal is not guaranteed. Therefore, we strongly recommend taking out the maximum travel period to avoid a renewal request.
  • Returning home early: It may be necessary to return home earlier than you've expected or you've taken out insurance for longer to be on the safe side. In this case you simply write us an e-mail when you return and we will reimburse the remaining period / months minus an admin fee provided that there is a minimum period of 31 days left.

FAQs regarding the coronavirus

Does a travel warning affect insurance coverage?

Even if there is a travel warning, your CareMed insurance policy is still valid. Of course, it is recommended to check the situation in your destination country before you travel to make sure that you are safe and are not taking special risks for yourself and others. Also, we recommend following the known preventive measures.

Which treatment is covered by CareMed in regards to COVID-19?

Medical treatments & prescriptions: The virus is COVERED as any other illness and therefore treatment costs in case of an infection with the virus will be reimbursed.

COVID-19 testing: The testing will only be paid in case of an infection and if prescribed by a doctor. The testing will not be paid in case that it is needed as a preventive measure, e.g. requested by airline, hotel or at the border to enter a country.

Quarantine: Additional costs for preventive quarantine will not be covered by CareMed health insurance, but costs for hospitalization are of course included in medical cover with unlimited medical benefit.

During waiting period: As mentioned above, if you take out insurance while already abroad there might be a waiting period of 31 days. If the waiting period applies, treatment costs related to COVID-19 are only covered by travel insurance if acute and life-threatening conditions.

Will a proof of coronavirus cover be provided?

After enrollment with CareMed, you will immediately receive your insurance confirmation including a second page for embassies and other authorities. In this document it is clearly stated that COVID-19 is covered as any other illness under the CareMed policy.

Can CareMed insurance be changed or canceled if the trip is postponed?

With CareMed you are very flexible as you may change your travel dates, personal data or insurance options free-of-charge prior to insurance start. Once your policy has started you may request a renewal of insurance as well as inform us about an early return home to receive a refund (minus an admin fee). This way, you can make sure that you don't pay for insurance that you no longer need due to unforeseen circumstances (details see under “Changes of insurance period”).

How to proceed if the return date is not fixed yet?

As a renewal is not guaranteed, we strongly recommend you taking out the maximum travel period whereas the maximum insurance period is 2 years (12 months for destination Germany). In these times, travel plans may quickly change, make sure you are insured for the entire stay abroad. If you return home earlier, you may request a refund of insurance period for the remaining time, see details during the application process and in terms and conditions.

What can be done if the current insurance no longer provides cover while you are already abroad?

You may even take out CareMed insurance when you are already away from your home country. In general, insurance should naturally be taken out prior to departure and for the entire stay abroad, but we know that it is so easy to forget even very important things like health protection. Please note that there is a waiting period of 31 days for illnesses if you don't have a proof of previous insurance cover. The waiting period is waived in case of acute and life-threatening conditions as well as for accidents.

How can CareMed policyholders receive reimbursement for medical treatment in the event of infection with the virus?

In order to submit your claim, please e-mail your invoices and medical documents together with a completed claim form to our claims office. Further information, contact data and claim forms are available on our Assistance Website.

What happens if I need urgent medical care when I'm overseas?

As a CareMed insured you have access to CareMed Assist, our 24-hour emergency service. This way you will receive immediate help in case of emergency, direct payment can be processed to the medical facility or payment guarantees may be given. Detailed information and contact data can be found on your insurance confirmation, in our terms and conditions as well as on our multi-lingual Assistance Website.

Does the trip cancelation insurance cover travel costs in following cases:

Fear of traveling: Cancelation costs are not covered if you should decide that you no longer wish to travel.
Travel restrictions: In case that new travel restrictions come up, trip cancelation insurance doesn't apply. When traveling is no longer possible, please contact your travel agent or online travel portal to request a refund or make changes.
Infection with COVID-19: In case that you are infected with the virus and therefore are unable to travel, cancelation costs are covered.

Will costs be covered if my flight is canceled?

CareMed insurance doesn't provide coverage for flight interruption or cancelation. In case flights are canceled by your airline, please contact them to change your flight or get a refund.

What happens if I miss my flight due to coronavirus screenings at the airport?

It is recommended to plan a generous time buffer for travels as usual procedures may take even longer at the moment. Delays at the security check points or screenings are not considered a covered event for trip cancelation insurance.

Do you have further questions?

General questions on travel insurance are answered in our FAQs. If you have specific questions regarding the coronavirus insurance, please contact the CareMed team and we are happy to go through your questions and concerns. Especially today, it is essential that you understand the benefits as well as exclusions before you book travel insurance for your stay abroad.


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