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Your CareMed travel insurance includes CareMed Assist, our worldwide 24-hour service. At this number you receive support and advice in various languages to arrange direct payment to medical facilities or a payment guarantee. Contact information is stated on your insurance confirmation. Additionally, you can view detailed information of your travel insurance policy under your login online: behavior in case of emergency, how to submit a claim etc.
Alternatively, our assistance website provides useful information without having to login.

With your CareMed insurance you have a free choice of doctor and hospitals. Prior to more expensive treatments and operations CareMed Assist shall be contacted to arrange direct payment to the medical facility. If you need help finding a doctor or hospital in your area you may also call CareMed Assist. They will provide a list of providers close to the indicated address.

Please e-mail the following documents to the CareMed claims office within 60 days after the treatment

  • completed claim form
  • all itemized bills, receipts and records, related to a particular claim (please keep in mind to make copies for your own records), medical reports from the physician including any reports, laboratory and x-ray documents, etc.

Additional information as well as original documents may be requested. Further information as well as our claims office contact data can be found on your insurance confirmation, in terms and condition and by using your personal login.

Please inform the doctor/hospital that you are insured through CareMed travel insurance. In most cases CareMed will pay the medical provider directly. If you receive the bill instead, please forward it together with a completed claim form to the applicable claims center.

If the treatment costs are low, please pay the provider and send the original invoice together with a completed claim form to our claims office. You will find claim form and the address of our claims office on your insurance confirmation or online under "login". In case of a larger amount the doctor should contact our claims office or CareMed Assist who will confirm your insurance coverage and can discuss direct payment. Please submit a claim form in any case so that our claims office is able to contact you concerning questions of your claim.

Any kind of routine examination, tests and check-ups, visual tests and allergy check-ups are excluded from  insurance coverage. You will find further information in our policy wording which is viewed during the application process.


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