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Guardianship for international students in the UK

Students studying abroad

UK guardianship - a requirement for international students

In order to satisfy Tier 4 Visa regulations and to adhere to their safeguarding policies, the majority of UK boarding schools and colleges insist on guardianship for all their international students. UK universities also ask that a UK based guardian is appointed if a student is under the age of 18.  

What is a Guardian?

An adult or company in the UK who is appointed by a parent to be their representative while their child studies abroad in the UK. This role is often undertaken by a professional guardianship organisation who will arrange for safe transport and accommodation during school holidays when the boarding house is closed and will be there in an emergency situation. 

Where can I find a reliable Organisation?

With no government regulation of the organisations in the UK, it is essential parents choose an AEGIS (The Association for the Education & Guardianship for International Students) accredited guardian. There are numerous AEGIS accredited guardianship companies in the UK, with differing reputations and variable degrees of service.

Bright World Guardianships is recognised by all UK boarding schools and universities. They offer a comprehensive range of guardianship services for children attending UK boarding schools and universities. For further information

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