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Telehealth benefits for au pairs

While agencies prepare their au pairs for their exchange program in the best possible way, unforeseen medical issues can occur at any time. We are your partner in adding value to au pair support services.

24/7 assistance including telehealth benefits

CareMed has specialized in international insurance for cultural exchange for 35 years and has created excellent insurance protection for programs such as au pair. Our coverage is unlimited for medically necessary treatments. In addition, we offer telehealth services giving your au pairs access to virtual doctors speaking their native language. This online service uses the technological advantages of the current times and aims to assist young people quickly and barrier-free online.

Why partner with CareMed?

  • comprehensive medical benefits
  • including some coverage for pre-existing conditions
  • attractive rates
  • easy online enrollment, even while already abroad!
  • flexible booking & cancelation conditions
  • multilingual 24-hour emergency assistance including telehealth

To talk about a customized solution, contact us to schedule a meeting online. We look forward to hearing from you and would be glad to support your participants during their au pair adventure.

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