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Student visa changes in Canada

With the introduction of student visa rules in 2024, important changes have been introduced, including drastically increased requirements for living costs and decreased study permits. These more competitive structures will certainly also have an impact on the well being of students. We would be happy to be your partner in adding value to your student support services.

International students & their well being

For 35 years, CareMed is specialized in international insurance for cultural exchange and has created worldwide insurance protection for programs such as Study Abroad, Internships, Working Holiday and more. As a trusted insurance partner, our coverage includes both inpatient and outpatient treatment for behavioral health issues as well as medical repatriation, ensuring that students have access to the care they need. In addition, we are currently implementing new online services specifically designed to assist students with mental health issues early on before they become an emergency.

Why partner with CareMed?

• comprehensive medical benefits
• including some coverage for pre-existing conditions
• attractive rates, less than for destination USA
• easy online enrollment even while already abroad!
• flexible booking & cancelation conditions
• multilingual 24-hour emergency assistance

To talk about a customized solution, contact us to schedule a meeting online. We look forward to hearing from you and would be glad to support your students during their Canadian adventure abroad or anywhere else in the world.

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