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Work and travel insurance

travel insurance: fast, easy, secure

Work and travel participants,volunteers and globetrotters trust CareMed when dealing with travel insurance. CareMed insurance includes extensive and reasonable priced health insurance for persons traveling worldwide. Travel assistance, luggage, accident and third party liability insurance can optionally be added. Regardless of your nationality, you can buy travel insurance easily online, starting at € 0,95/US$ 1,19 per day depending on destination.

Why is travel health insurance so important?

  • Special coverage for long-term stays abroad (this is NOT included in your travel insurance for holidays).
  • Coverage of medical expenes is required during travel & work (all working holiday visa, volunteer programs and internships), CareMed insurance will be accepted for your visa application.
  • You need immediate medical help abroad? Our multilingual 24-hour emergency service is pleased to assist.

What to consider when checking travel insurance options

Compare insurance plans: Travel insurance should be adapted to the needs of long-term travelers and particularly work & travel participants. The price should not be crucial. Insurance benefits and terms and conditions of your travel health insurance are relevant, too.

  • Insurance coverage: All CareMed policies offer unlimited medical coverage.
  • Benefits: Which costs will be covered? Is medical repatriation included in travel health insurance?
  • Terms and conditions: Read them carefully, especially exclusions and limitations.

Why has CareMed insurance the applicable coverage?

  • Support & service: You may contact us with questions concerning work and travel insurance any time. We are not only available online, we will also help you personally.
  • Flexibility: You may put together your own insurance plan (e.g. deductible as well as coverage options).
  • Online application on short notice: Insurance confirmation is available immediately after application.
  • Multi-lingual documents: CareMed provides insurance documents in various languages.
  • Personal login: You have access to important information 24/7. Online access is a great advantage while traveling.
  • Experience: CareMed insures travelers for almost 30 years.
  • Quality: CareMed has been shortlisted Star Award Insurance Provider 2017, Study Travel Magazine

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